Tropical paradises, rich biodiversity, bustling cities,  mouth-watering cuisine, rich colonial history, welcoming people. The Mexican culture is  a blend of both history and tradition on one hand, and modernization on the other. Despite all this, modernity has not changed the strong family ties that are characteristic of Mexicans. New generations, like myself,  travel around the globe, find jobs abroad, adopt and adapt to new philosophies and ways of life, but always return during the summer or in the Christmas season to visit our families, because for us, family is the most important element of our lives. 

Of course all these celebrations, festivities and family reunions would not be as popular without good food and good drinks; because it is no mystery that Mexican cuisine, famous around the world, contains a vast scope of ingredients and colours that seduce even the most discerning palates, not to mention if such great dishes are complemented by exquisite Tequila or good Mexican beer. 

No matter where I am, Mexico will always have my heart.


la gran tenochtitlán.