In 2014, I was off on what may be my biggest adventure ever: I was moving from Mexico to Ireland.

Though I have no kids, it wasn’t just me making the move. I took my three mexican doggies with me, Huesos, Terry and Malavita. My faithful adventure companions.

"Did you make the right decision?” is a question I am asked regularly.

Everyone find it difficult to digest my decision to leave a busy and large metropolis like Mexico City to move to a small country like Ireland. Truth is, I was growing weary of life in Mexico, I was desperate for a change, and at the moment I set foot on Irish soil, an overwhelming sense of calm and peace overcame me.

For me, Ireland is a hidden gem. It’s a place where beauty and serenity, laughter and music come together, wrapped up in myths and legends, and sprinkled with fairy dust and magic.

Sweeping landscapes of rich green speckled with whites from happy sheep, resplendent in wild flowers during the spring and late summer on the surface, with dramatic differences in colour that can happen with the play of light or weather on these lovely vistas from one minute to the next, historic buildings steeped in myths, legends and fairytales, stretching back to the age of the Celts and way beyond...

So, although I left a city where there is all you need, I came to a place with more than enough to keep me on my toes, albeit on a way smaller scale, which suits me just fine. In this age of rushing we often forget to stop and enjoy the beauty of this world. Ireland offers this and so much more.


oileán iathghlas na hÉireann.