The Bucolic lifestyle is set in beautiful unspoilt rural landscapes. The literary term for these scenes is "locus amoenus" (Latin for "beautiful place"), and it holds a humble perspective towards nature, by living in harmony with the land, detached from material things, and by not over-concerning ourselves with the world around us.

This project, these photographs you see, are centered around the joys and the simplistic life of the people in the countryside, and the relationship and closeness that humans once had with nature. An idealized serenity.

They are a continous comparison between nature and art, stressing out that art can never accomplish on purpose what nature can achieve accidentally or spontaneously.

They are a constant reminder that there are still some people that live in peace and harmony with nature and the land.


This is what I used to see everyday at school and work while studying Horticulture; humble human beings in love with the natural scenery, always working with a huge smile on their faces and a good joke to tell.

Beautiful creatures running freely about the pasture. Others, waiting impatiently for their share of milk, or hoping for a bit of green hay, or a scratch on the chin, or just some company. At least here, they are treated with respect and consideration.

out of the land we as human beings were fashioned,

and on the land we depend for our continued existence in this world.


the bucolic collection.