For all the time I spend looking at nature, I am not interested in duplicating what I see. Instead I am seeking a way to go beyond the domain of nature as we know it and into the place between what we can see and what we cannot.

For this project, I chose to focus on fungi, the shapeshifters of nature, existing almost entirely outside of the visible; decomposing, connecting, transforming, or in other words, unperceivably orchestrating the perceivable; shrubs, trees, animals and soil.  I use a microscope to familiarize with my subjects as much as possible, then I take photographs through the microscope and later turn them into drawings. Drawing from photographs serves as a point of departure for the expressive works that I develop later, as intuition takes over for the most part when creating these artworks.


This project depicts the unapparent importance of this ‘forgotten’ group that holds everything together, blurring boundaries between micro and macro and giving emphasis to their ephemerality and their extraordinary structure. My work embodies a deep appreciation of the sublime beauty and elegance of the created abundance surrounding us in the unseen, as fungi are both visible and invisible.

Tangled Threads points to the often-unforeseen lines that connect us to one another as, although created individually, the drawings tie themselves together, surreptitiously coming out of the picture frame to connect with each other.

This series is inspired by and dedicated to my dear friend D.W., who appreciated the intricacy and delicacy of fungi long before I did. 

tangled threads.

Mixed media on paper.