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I'm a mexican Horticulturist with a passion for photography and design.

Call me unfocused, optimist, romancer. I’ve always been a restless soul, ready for the next big thing. My family knows it, my friends know it, and every one that gets to know me for more than one day knows it.

I have always been wondered by the little things nature has offered me, from the company of a peculiar animal, to a colorful sunset.

As a curious kid, I used to explore the great outdoors and own a little journal where I used to write specific details about animals, like their scientific name and their main characteristics. I have always felt I have a deep connection with the natural world.

My enthusiasm for nature still hasn't diminished; in fact, it has grown over the years. I love heading out into nature, and just look for plants, flowers, trees. It is really amazing the wonders that can be found in even the smallest backyard.

I studied my career in a small city in the Republic of Ireland, and in the three years I lived there I became more aware and more conscious about the damage to our beautiful planet.

This is how 'THE BUCOLIC COLLECTION' was created.

With the photographs I take I try to raise consciousness to try and remind our kind that we all live in this world: humans, animals, plants, insects, and that we must do so in harmony. Nature can't and will not fend for itself, it is the responsibility of men to do so and take action for the damage we have inflicted on our home.

At the moment I'm just passionate about it, but it is of my greatest interest to learn and improve my world, and help remind people the value of our Earth.


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